Better Life 4 Forbidden Country

We are a charitable association that seeks to help peoples who die of poverty, hunger and the fluctuations of cold weather in light of these circumstances that happen around the world. There is no one who stands beside them and helps them

We see in these days what happens in many countries such as Yemen and Sudan
As many children do not find an opportunity to complete their studies and learn to read or write
Many children have become orphans without parents, no one who helps them or directs them in this life
We work to provide them with all the possible to do


We seek excellence and leadership in charitable work, and achieve social solidarity between members of society in various countries


Better Life 4 Forbidden Country It specializes in charitable work and considers it an essential tributary of the development of the individual and society, and seeks to meet his urgent and continuous basic needs, by adopting development projects, relief and social solidarity projects, periodic and continuous subsistence projects to the poor and needy, and raising the cultural and educational level of the family in order to achieve sustainable development for all with support One of the individuals and institutions of society.